People change… their  wants, their needs
Nothing stays the same
In the end you’re standing there
Left feeling so ashamed.

Wishing , hoping things could last
But, just fleeting memories
Everything’s turned upside down
Your ship’s now lost at sea. 

No way out , no second chance
Can’t try your luck again
Like sand, it slips right thru your hands
Can’t stop the rain or wind.

Belly up, nothing left
No one you can turn to
They’ve all gone , been called home
There’s nothing you can do.

Ranting , raving, calling out
You’re just not being heard
They can’t hear your pleas for help
Not a single, frantic word.

Lost your voice, lost your mind
Is this all  just a  bad dream ?
Someone wake me , tell me now
It’s not the way it seems. 

Cast aside, ignored and shunned
The feelings, oh so strong
It’s now clear, can’t see the light
I simply don’t belong.

Let go …..or it will bury you
Let go……, stop holding on
It will be the death of you
It’s over, she is gone.


Image by ultravybe…… Google Images

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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