It’s not the same without you
Can’t call you anymore
Sit waiting , longing for you
To come walking thru the door.

Your clothes still in the closet
Your shoes there on the floor
Hard to accept that you are gone 
Not like it was before.

Your scent still on your sweater 
The way it used to be
I put it on ….to feel close
To feel you next to me. 

Long talks we had together
So often on the phone
You’re not there to guide me now
You’re never coming home.

I pray that you’re in heaven
Smiling down on me
I hang on ….hoping desperately
I so want to believe.

Your picture on my dresser
I think of you each day
I try hard to remember 
The things you used to say.

I know just what you’d tell me
You’d say …to carry on
But, it’s so hard without you
So hard, since you are gone.

It’s not the same without you
It will never, ever be
You’re more than just my sister
You mean everything to me.


Image by Vector Stock.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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