Together forever…. since we were kids
Recalling all the things we did.
Boyfriends , homework, school events 
So glad that  we are still good friends.

45’s on the Victrola
We played our tunes over and over
Stereo not quite in vogue
They sounded great, what did we know?

Friday nights…. such fun ice skating 
With boys from school that we were dating
Round the rink… holding hands
Oh, it was fun….Oh, it was grand. 

Time passes by… it goes so fast
Now we reflect upon the past
Grandmothers now ….we’ve become
Our childhood days ….over and done. 

We sit and watch the children play
Remembering the good old days
We laugh and gently reminisce
Who can forget… that first sweet kiss?

Hide and seek ….till it got dark
Hours spent ….down at the park
Knowing you were always there
To stand by me, to always care.

I’m grateful seeing you again
So happy we are such good  friends
You mean the world , the world to me
So great to share our memories.


Image from Google Images

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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