Found a deal on Facebook 
You just can’t pass it up
They’re selling clothes and bicycles
There’s lots of funky stuff.

Some say it’s just a gimmick 
A ploy to pull you in
They caution you … not respond
Unless you’re sure, they’re friends.

I’ve heard them call it , “click bait”
A lure you can’t resist
They’re urging you to try it once
Don’t end up on their list.

Before you know what’s happened
Your page has run amok
Infected with a virus
Now you‘re shit out of luck.

Don’t share, unless you know for sure
Don’t open , don’t you dare 
If you suspect an unknown source
Be leery… Yes, be scared. 

Notify ….Administration
Tell them that you’ve been hacked
It’s their job to protect you
They’re sure to have your back.

Delete, delete …. a foreign post
That ends up on your page
Take a screenshot, if you must
Some evidence to save. 

Beware of darling photos
Of those  you’d like to meet
Don’t give in to the temptation 
Be smart and press … delete.

Use your head, when you are posting
The web so far and wide
Extends to places deep and dark
Where evil freaks reside. 

Not everyone is friendly
Some hide behind the screen 
Not always who you think they are
Some vicious and quite mean.

So post your favorite recipes 
Those photos of your pets
“Like “ and ”love” and “share” with friends
But please, please don’t forget.

Heed caution, hear the warning
Don’t be quick to make new friends
Check out their page and background
Don’t be fooled or tricked, again.


Photo by via Google Images.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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