via Daily Prompt: Cozy


So comfy and so cozy
Bring your coffee over here
Let’s get warm, next to the fire
Come sit with me, my dear.

Let’s cuddle up, let’s snuggle
I need to feel you close
No other one can please me
You’re the one I love the most.

The snow so white and quiet
Falling gently to the ground
The burning logs are flickering
No other noise, or other sounds.

My head upon your shoulder
The stillness in the room
My hand in yours, so comforting
The smell of sweet perfume.

They say compatibility
Comes but once in a lifetime
I can’t believe I found you
This feeling’s so sublime.

Read to me from Dickinson
So relaxing, so carefree
The love I feel, your voice so sweet
Can’t believe, you’re next to me.

Watching the deer, from the window
A mother and her little fawn.
I’m cherishing every sweet moment
For soon , I know you’ll be gone.

Time flies by so quickly
It will soon be time, for you to leave
I’ll count every second, while you’re away
I’ll have to have faith, and believe.

That somehow, you will return to me
That no harm will come to you
I know your honor and loyalty
Make you do, what you have to do.

I’m proud to see you in uniform
I know you have to do what is right
Our freedom doesn’t come cheaply
For some, there is always a price.

But for now, let’s get comfy and cozy
Let’s enjoy the cold snowy weather
Let’s sit by the fire and be warm
Let’s enjoy our last night, together.

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She waited for me through it all
She waited until, I was ready
She knew I was frightened, so scared
She could see that my gait wasn’t steady.

My hands were shaking, just a bit
I was somewhat confused, in a daze
She offered to get me some coffee
She was kind, in a comforting way.

I asked for a small glass of water
I was sure it would help, calm me down.
I held the glass to my quivering lips
Not believing, just what I had found.

His eyes were fixed and wide open
His skin had a pale, cold hue
He was wearing a ring on his finger
It was clear, what I needed to do.

I called 911 on my cell phone
The dispatcher was clear and precise
She asked me, for my location
She asked me to repeat it back, twice.

I walked alone, down to the water
I wanted to gather my thoughts
It was there that I noticed his body
He was covered in seaweed and moss.

I didn’t scream, when I fist saw him
I did gasp and did lose my breath
It was only for a brief moment
But a moment, I will never forget.

A woman appeared out of nowhere
She was out on her evening beach walk
She saw me alone in the distance
When she approached, I was unable to talk.

I pointed to the man lying supine
Dressed in khakis and a green polo shirt
She looked at him and then realized
He’d been stabbed and was fatally hurt.

There was a knife still impaled, in his shoulder
Looked like, it may have pierced his heart
Someone had lost all control that night
And had stabbed him right there, in the dark.

The police arrived in their squad cars
No need to run sirens and lights
The damage had already been done
Someone’s heart would be broken tonight.

I walked with the woman, to her house
She owned a small beach bungalow
We sat in her enclosed breezeway
Watching the authorities working below.

She asked if she could call someone, for me
I explained that I lived all alone
I spent an hour, maybe two with her
Before making my way, back home.

There was no wallet, no identification
No distinguishing piercings or marks
No clues to pursue or investigate
No other statements or helpful remarks.

The detectives deemed it a cold case
There were no leads, no clues to build upon
John Doe’s murder remains unsolved
But the memory of that night, lives on.


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via Daily Prompt: Confess


I confess to my wrong doings
I bare the weight of guilt and blame
There’s nothing more that I can do
To ease this gnawing pain.

They say that time heals all wounds
It’s been years and nothing’s changed
I can’t escape the pain I feel
Every time I hear his name.

A heart cannot be mended
If the wound’s too deep inside
No matter what I try to do
I can never seem to hide

Hide from all the stinging words
I wish were never spoken
How could I know the damage
His heart, so easily broken.

He didn’t want to let me go
But, one day I walked away
Didn’t even leave a note
I had no more to say.

I’d said it all the night before
My words cut like a knife
I couldn’t stand to be with him
Didn’t want to be his wife.

The scandal and degradation
His banner, his badge of shame
They all knew that I’d left him
And, thought he was to blame.

I made a big mistake the night
I gave in to childish whims
To fantasies of another life
I thought I wanted, without him.


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via Daily Prompt: Proclivity


Her proclivity toward success
Has left me sad and oh so lonely
I wished that just, just for once
I could be…her one and only.

Her concentration, facts and figures
Leaves me isolated and unfulfilled
Our emotional life is empty
I’m not at fault, not culpable.

Conversation, a waste of time
Her only interest is in herself
She can’t be bothered with listening
Unless it pertains, pertains to self.

Needing praise and recognition
She climbs the corporate ladder
I stand alone on the bottom wrung
Knowing clearly, I don’t matter.

Stabbing, clawing, undermining
Pushing anyone in her way
No regard for idle chatter
No interest in anything I say.

If it doesn’t pertain to business
Doesn’t benefit her career
She’ll make you feel so insignificant
Her lack of interest, crystal clear.

She is blinded by power and status
On a path going somewhere
Nowhere, I’m interested in going
Not a life, I want to share.

Life is more than just the money
Power goals and mindless greed
Her cruelty and cold heartedness
Are just… not what I feel, or need.


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via Daily Prompt: Proclivity


Her proclivity to kindness
Makes her special in many ways
She’s a saint, a gifted angel
Always, knows just what to say.

Anyone, whose life she touches
Will never, ever be the same
She can help with all your sadness
She can take away your pain.

She listens, when you speak
Gives you all of her attention
She looks into your eyes
Gives you love and true affection.

I trust her with my secrets
My inner fears and aspirations
She will never betray me
She gives me hope and validation.

The one I always turn to
When I feel lost or having doubt
She knows exactly what I feel
She knows what life’s about.

She’s my guardian angel
Always close, right by my side
She can take away the heartache
That I keep so deep inside.

She’s my mentor, my best friend
We have a special kind of connection
You may not see her , or can hear her
She’s in my heart, my imagination.

If you need her, at any time
Just call out and she’ll be there
She has a special way of knowing
When you need to know, she cares.


Merry, Merry Christmas
To all my family and friends
Hope you all enjoy your day
From beginning to the end.

Turkey, stuffing and cranberries
Lots of presents under the tree
Large red boxes and tiny gifts
Which one is meant for me?

No crying or whining allowed today
Only squeals of pure delight
Coming from the little ones
Who can’t wait to ride their bikes.

Stockings filled with candy
And lots of little toys
Crammed down in the bottom
For such good little girls and boys.

Gingerbread houses and
Candy canes galore
Chocolate fudge and mistletoe
Who could ask for more?

Savior the sweet moments
For soon the day will pass
Cherish those around you
Enjoy it while it lasts.

Merry, Merry Christmas
To all , who I have loved
Be it recent or remote
Still here or up above.

I send you gum drops and candy
Sweet kisses and lots of hugs
Have a Merry, Merry Christmas
Filled with all my love.


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via Daily Prompt: Cherish


Cherish the time
The moments that linger
Hold on tight
They’ll slip thru your fingers.

The touch of her hand
The look in her eyes
The smiles, the fun times
The tears you have cried.

You can’t get them back
Once they have passed
The grasp you have now
It will never last.

Before you know it
The time has passed by
No second chances
You’re saying, Good bye.

The time that you had
Has now slipped away
Have no regrets
Make sure that you say

All the I love you’s
All the thank you’s
Tell her she matters
She matters to you.


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