via Daily Prompt: Inheritance


Counting on an inheritance
May not be, what you should do
There are several considerations
Before, deciding what to do.

Counting on the money
May be more, than just a crutch
Fighting with your siblings
Can prove to be too much.

Dividing up possessions
Be it jewelry, books or cars
Can prove to be so hurtful
No matter who you are.

You try your best, to get along
With your motives, still in question
No matter how fair you try to be
You still face cold rejection.

Family may not stick together
They may turn their backs on you
It won’t be very easy
But, you’ll have to see this thru.

As court appointed executor
Your role is to follow the law
The end result is not your choice
It was never your last call.

Your parents did whatever they could
Looking out for the three of you
There’s no reason to quarrel, or to get mad
Or, to blame their loss on you.

An equal split, divided three ways
Sounds pretty fair to me
No reason to be resentful
It’s just the way, that it should be.


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via Daily Prompt: Theory


I have a theory
about our fate
Where we will end up
And, why it’s too late.

We’re governed by men
with no moral compass
We follow blindly
Not a hero among us.

No one to stand up to
Money and greed
Power governs
Takes what it needs.

Nothing left
for the mild and meek
The strong prevail
Then, blame the weak.

The moral high ground
A slippery slope
Nothing left
No future, no hope.

The two percent
Will lead our nation
Despite the proven

Slight of hand
Right before your eyes
You’ve lost your freedom
Still wondering why?


via Daily Prompt: Elegance

She was the height of elegance
Though she stood, but 5 feet tall
She spoke with the voice of an angel
Though she seemed to be quite small.

The power of her stunning words
Spoke volumes about us
She reflected upon small-mindedness
And the need to change, what was.

Pure evil and blatant racism
Were her foes, her nemesis
She fought a battle every day
Defeating hate and prejudice.

Marching down a crowded street
For what she believed was right
Was often met with hostility,
Though she knew that she was right.

Never giving in to pressure
To threats of pain or bodily harm
She showed up each and every day
To loudly sound the alarm.

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via Daily Prompt: Jolly

He’s a jolly guy with a red flushed face
Lives one flight up, above my place
He’s up all night, sleeps all day
Never an unkind word to say.

He’s always smiling, never frowns
As he makes his way about the town
Can often be found at the local bar
Sipping whiskey, and smoking cigars.

His hair is long, his beard is white
He really is a grizzly site
A beer belly, with a bright red nose
Where he came from, no one knows.

He’ll tell you he’s had, but one career
Works just one week, throughout the year
He sits in a chair at Bloomingdales
Telling children stories and Christmas tales.

The kids all love him and clamor around
You can hear a pin drop, hardly a sound
He tells them he’s been with reindeers and elves
They believe every word and he believes it himself.

Visions of workshops, with hundreds of toys
Soon to be delivered to good girls and boys
The children are wide eyed and mesmerized
They sit at his feet, almost hypnotized.

Snow covered and magical, who wouldn’t believe?
Who wouldn’t want to live there, who’d ever want to leave?
He shares their dreams, as they sit on the floor
One week out of the year, is what he lives for.

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via Daily Prompt: Degree

Drop it down a degree or two
I feel like my hair’s on fire
I want to run, I want to hide
God Damn it, you’re such a liar!

How did it ever come to this?
I thought we were doing fine
How could I have been so deceived?
How could I have been so blind?

All the while, it was just about you
I was never part of your plan
I was a mere filler, keeping pace
I’m just beginning to understand.

You’ve been down this road, many times before
Planning and plotting as you troll
Always looking for the unsuspecting one
Anyone to advance your goal

Money, status and power
You’re determined to make your way
Satisfying your primal urges
You were born to seek, then stray.

The road is always greener
From your view inside the door
It’s always just a matter of time
You will always be wanting more.

Your climb up the corporate ladder
Each rung another broken heart
You stepped so hard, you shattered mine
My life’s been torn apart.

I’m picking up the pieces now
Trying to rearrange them one by one
Hoping some day, to be over you …. to
Forget the damage that’s been done.

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via Daily Prompt: Varnish

Why not put a spin on it
A coat of paint, a film, some varnish?
Can’t you make it right?
Are you just out to punish?

Can’t you just forget
Pass it over, let it go?
Why hold a grudge? What good will it do?
What does it say, say about you?

Forgive and forget
Let go of the past
Where’s this going to take you?
Some things just don’t last.

Love isn’t forever
Loyalty’s a must
Without it, there’s nothing
You have to have trust.

Liars and manipulators
Bullies and psychopaths
What did you expect?
They had the last laugh.

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via Daily Prompt: Gorge

He was more than simply overweight
He was a greedy, eating machine
Gobbling down every morsel in sight
While licking his plate clean.

Insatiable and incurable
Needing serious psychological help
He’d take his fill, then ask for more
While clearing his pantry shelf.

No matter what the occasion
His focus never seemed to stray
He’d always ask for seconds
Or that third piece of birthday cake.

He couldn’t seem to help himself
Although he often tried
Encouraged to eat healthy
He’d still ask for his fish… fried.

Sad as it was, he just couldn’t stop
His tummy getting bigger and bigger
Then one day, it finally popped
Like a gun with a hair finger trigger.

Spaghetti and meatballs, cheese puffs and chips
Spilled out all over the floor
The last words he spoke were the saddest of all
He simply asked for … more.

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