via Daily Prompt: Finally


Finally, I let go
It took so long to see
The truth was always there
We were never meant to be.

I was nothing more
Than an emotional distraction
You had bigger plans
Than a mere physical attraction.

Always, looking up
To where the air is thin
Wishing for the top
The place where you’d fit in.

I simply didn’t see
The writing on the wall
It was always about you
I was a burden, after all.

Boredom, setting in
You were so self absorbed
Trying to find a way
My feelings now ignored.

Stepping on anyone
That dares get in your way
The corporate climb to power
A much bigger game to play.

As quickly as it began
It now came to an end
So easily you walked away
I saw you smirk, I saw you grin.

Finally free, I let go
Now living with the shame
Wished our paths had never crossed
I have myself alone, to blame.


Image from Google Images: hoffmaninstitute.org

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

6 thoughts on “LETTING GO”

  1. Your poem made me ponder the question, “Why is it that when we allow ourselves to be loved and that same person hurts us, we blame ourselves? The answer may vary depending on the person. Great thought provoking and moving poem.


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