via Daily Prompt: Conversation


Let’s have a conversation
Let’s try to talk it thru
Maybe, we can figure out
What we need to do.

Let’s have a cup of coffee
Let’s try to settle down
Let’s stop the senseless arguing
Before, we run aground.

Life’s too short, to spend it
Always, fighting with someone
Who you really care about
Let’s try to get this done.

No need to be together
If we’d be better off alone
There are no rules to follow
We can try and set the tone.

Anger, pain, resentment
Breed contempt, more of the same
Maybe, it’s time to part ways
Stop finger pointing and blame.

Stepping back isn’t easy
We may not understand why
After, spending years together
The reasons we’re saying goodbye.

Have you finally decided
But afraid to let me know, that
You really want to be on your own
That you want to let me go?

Time is passing so quickly
So many things I want to say
Before, you have the chance
Your dreams have slipped away.

I don’t want to hold you back
Don’t want the endless stress
The harsh remarks, the unkind words
The painful remorse of regret.

Let’s try to save the memories
Not focus on all that went wrong
Remember, the good times together
Before, it’s time to move on.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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