via Daily Prompt: Reservation


I made a reservation
Reserved a table, just for two
At a fancy, expensive restaurant
Did my best to impress you.

I ordered escargot
Champagne and caviar
Their culinary status
Not just one, but all five stars.

I rented a BMW
Convertible with keyless start
I rented a tuxedo
Hoping, I could win your heart.

I brought you 12 red roses
I held the door open for you
Made deliberate conversation
About a foreign film’s debut.

The dinner was delicious
Dessert, a chocolate fondu
I was seriously trying
But, there ‘s just no pleasing you.

You didn’t like the restaurant
You thought, I was a snob
You didn’t like chateaubriand
Or flaming shish kabobs.

You thought I was pretentious
Obnoxious and a bore
I was trying to convince you
I was really so much more.

But, I’m just an average guy
That drives a modest car
A guy who doesn’t like snails
Champagne, or expensive caviar

Can’t we start all over?
Give me a second chance
I’ll show you who I really am
No foo foo, no fake romance.

How about we go to breakfast?
We can order two Grand Slam’s
We can talk about whatever
No pretense, just eggs and ham.

Image from Google Images: dawsonpower.blogs

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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