via Daily Prompt: Viable


She needed a viable organ
Her heart was broken and weak
Her parents sat at her bedside
Afraid and unable to speak.

To speak about the outcome
If an organ could not be procured
She would pass into a coma
Her voice would no longer be heard.

A little girl with dolls and toys
She loved to play outside
Now, attached to catheters and lines
A mother’s fear, so hard to hide.

She held her hand, while holding back
The flow of endless tears.
She didn’t want to upset her
Let her know, the end was near.

Just when time was running out
Word came, there was a donor
There was chance she might survive
But, a young boy’s life was over.

His mother, overcome with grief
Asked God in heaven above
To bless her decision, to donate his heart
A mother’s true gift of love.

Tears of joy, and gratitude
Tears of sadness and of pain
So sad, to realize one’s deepest loss
Being, someone else’s gain.

The gift of life, more precious
Than diamonds, or coins of gold
The kindness of a mother’s love
A priceless treasure, to behold.


Image from Google Images: clipartpanda.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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