via Daily Prompt: Allergic


My brother has an allergy
He keeps sneezing, all over me.
He’s always wiping and blowing his nose
On me, on the furniture and even his clothes.

He finishes each sentence by saying, “AH CHOO”!
My mom didn’t know, what to do
So, she took him to an allergist
She asked around and found the best.

My brother was unable, to stop his sneezing.
There had to be a simple reason.
Was it spinach, beets or brussels sprouts?
What was this sneezing, all about?

They finally found the simple cause
They stopped his sneezing, once and for all.
It seemed to be our mom’s detergent
Making my brother feel, so allergic.

She bought it at the grocery store
It was different than, she used before.
She bought it with a grocery coupon
Who knew, it’s where this allergy came from.

So, if you start off sneezing
For no apparent reason,
Remember, it might be
A simple, “AH CHOO”. . . allergy.


Image from Google Images: coolclips.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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