via Daily Prompt: Funnel


I’d like to build a tunnel
One that leads to paradise
A world that’s free of hatred
Prejudice, Greed, and Vice.

What’s happened to our honor?
We once stood for liberty.
Now they plan to segregate
We are no longer free.

They’ve taken all the money
Their plan to funnel thru
As much as they can squander
With no thought, to protect you.

The lobbyists, the corporations
No longer skimming from the top
They’ve found a way to take it all
This really has to stop.

No longer a democracy
This path leads to destruction.
Isolating, devastating
A pool of vile corruption.

Threatening words, meant to be
An attempt at intimidation
Will lead to an unimaginable war
And our planet’s annihilation.

We’ve got to take our country back
Stand up to politicians
Party before country, cannot be. . . .
A viable position.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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