We met at a local coffee shop,
She was standing on line, right behind me
I heard her laugh, as I asked out loud
“Can you put some honey, in my coffee”?

I felt embarrassed, somewhat taken aback
When she suggested I order a Macchiato
She knew what she was talking about
She herself, a coffee aficionado.

Her eyes were blue, her hair was long
I felt a pang of lust and wonder
I hoped she might be interested in me
Even after my flustering blunder.

She was carrying a notebook, a pad and a pen
I assumed that she was a writer
Maybe an artist of modest means
A bohemian type, an outsider.

I’m an old hippie myself, a naturalist
Not much into drinking hot coffee
She caught my eye, I loved her smile
Though, I noted she was kind of bossy.

Desperately trying to hear her name
When the barista took her order
It was then, that I began to laugh, to myself
Cause they called her, “Fluffernutter”.

What kind of name could that actually be?
Was she kidding, just goofing around?
She smiled, when she picked up her coffee cup
Went to a table and then sat it down.

Said, she often made up a name, for herself
When making her coffee selections
She thought that it was somewhat amusing
And, a good way to make a connection.

We sat together, at a table for two
I couldn’t take my eyes off her
I tried to buy her a second cup
But, she politely refused my offer

I was somewhat smitten and in awe of her
Her smile, admittedly captivating
I wanted to get to know her better
She was charming and so fascinating.

She gave me her number, I gave her mine,
We met for coffee, the very next day
We talked about movies, articles, and books
Then had lunch at her favorite café.

She expressed herself in looks and attire
She wore scarves and colorful hats
She made me smile, she made me laugh
She was incredibly good at that.

Twenty years later, now old and gray
I’d say, life couldn’t get any better.
I never dreamed that she would marry me
That we would actually end up, together.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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