via Daily Prompt: Undulate


Watching the waves, as they undulate
The surfers skillfully move on their boards
The artful maneuvers they demonstrate
Like a knight yields a sharp, steel sword.

The rush of the ocean’s powerful force
The salt air spraying upon their face
The feel of the board beneath their feet
Propelling them thru time and space.

The higher the waves, the better they feel
Gliding from one peak to the other
The best part of it all, they are guaranteed
A wave following one, then another.

Just past​ the break,​ they patiently wait
For a wave​,​ that is not like the others
That combination of height and speed
The sound reminiscent of thunder.

Paddling thru, the surfer knows well
The faster he moves thru the ocean
The better the board ​will pass over all
Once he’s up, it will feel like slow motion.

The thrill of the ride, the sand, and the sun
Each day filled with anticipation
Could this be the day, will this be the ride
The one that exceeds​ expectations?

The surfer alone ​waits for the wave
Riding high, while up on his board
It’s all that he knows, or really wants
It’s what he spends his day, waiting for.


Photo credit:

Angela Galardi
Space Coast Sunrise

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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