I first saw her, from a distance
She was riding a Trek mountain bike
She had stopped in for a cup of coffee
That was something I knew, we both liked.

She took off her bicycle helmet
Walked toward the coffee shop door
I thought for a moment I might know her
But, I had never seen her, before.

I wanted a chance to talk to her
But, first checked her hand for a ring
No point in making a connection
If it was over before it begins.

I stood in line, right behind her
Her hair looked somewhat windblown
She wore khakis and a blue cardigan sweater
She was carrying her helmet and phone.

She ordered a Venti Macchiato
She sat by the window inside
She was quietly minding her business
But, looked like she wanted to cry.

Her phone suddenly started ringing
I saw her take it out and then turn it off
She looked like she was somewhat troubled,
Maybe distracted, perhaps deep in thought.

I walked gingerly over to her table
Not wanting to seem like a nuisance
She looked up and saw me before her
I was armed with a million excuses.

Can I get you a croissant with butter?, I asked.
They make the best here, some with chocolate too!
She smiled but refused my offer
Now embarrassed, I felt like a fool.

She asked me if I wanted to join her
I couldn’t help but note a few tears
I sat down on a chair, right beside her
Was it love that she wanted, or feared?

Even before, I had the courage to ask her,
She was telling me about her friend, on the phone
Her relationship was unraveling
And, she was afraid to be left, on her own.

I assured her that things would get better
Told her, it was just a matter of time
I wished I could reach out and hold her
But, we both knew that would be out of line.

We finished drinking our coffee
Our time together had come to an end
We said goodbye out in the parking lot
I suggested we meet up again.

She agreed to meet me, for coffee
If nothing else, maybe we could be friends
I was happy to spend time together
More than happy, to see her again.


Image from Google Images: viralnovelty.net

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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