JusJoJan Prompt: Humiliate

He did his best, to humiliate me
Despite my concern for his wellbeing
I did what I could, to look out for him
But after years of abuse, I was leaving.

Years of his lies and demeaning remarks
How many times did we play out this scene?
My arm would be twisted behind my back
It hurt so bad, I would scream.

Blood on the towel, I was sure it was broken
My nose would continue to bleed
This kind of love was not what I wanted
It was hard for​ me to believe.

It wasn’t love​ that kept me there
It was a lack of respect for myself
My need to submit, his need to control
It was clear that we both needed help.

The arguing got louder, the tensions higher
I felt his hands wrap around my throat
As he squeezed harder, I couldn’t breathe
I gasped for air, as I frantically choked.

I thought he was going to end my life
He stood there with hate in his eyes
He finally released his grasp on my neck
It was then that I realized.

The threatening words, the physical pain
Why was I putting up with it all?
I should have called the police, right then
But, I was scared and afraid to call.

He said he was sorry, he begged my forgiveness
I gave in and hung up the phone
He held me close and began to cry
I was afraid, I felt so alone.

But, like a switch on the wall, the light came on
When he fell asleep, I made my move
I packed my bags, I walked out the door
Left a note that read, “We’re Through”!


Image from Google Images: etsy.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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