via Daily Prompt: Carve


He gave me a call and asked me to lunch
I took the drive out to the country
He lived all alone on a ten-acre​ farm
Across the river, not far​ from me.

Once I was there, while standing alone
Looking out at a lovely view
I was terrified when he approached me
And I realized, what he was going to do.

He held up a knife, 10 inches long
Said “I could carve you into a million pieces”.
Was this an attempt to frighten me?
It was hardly intended to please me.

I felt the cold blade of steel, so sharp
As he brushed it lightly across my face
I was shaking I almost wet myself
My heart began to race.

The sound of his voice gave me the chills
I should never have come on my own
I thought this guy was good ole boy
And now I was with him, alone.

He lived in a cabin, six miles from town
Enjoyed living a distance away
I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life
I should never have gone there, that day.

I was hoping that he was just joking
Maybe he was just fooling around
If for some reason I didn’t make it back home
I wondered if my body’d be found.

No neighbors in sight, they were miles away
No one would hear me ​if I screamed
I started to panic, then wondered if he
Was really that evil and mean.

I decided to go, I wanted to leave
It was then that he started laughing
He reached out to put his arm around me
I didn’t know just what was happening.

I got to the door, got into my car
I was shaking and out of breath
I never should have trusted him
He really scared​ me half to death.


Image from Google Images

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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