While searching for a reason
I found a place to hide
Who knew it was a dungeon
Where the strange and dark reside.

They said they had an answer
They said I could come in
I was hesitant and cautious
That‘s where it all begins.

Didn’t know what they were up to
It must have been a dream
Didn’t really understand.
Or believe the things I’d seen.

I’m not one for wild adventures
Tangled weeds and lots of branches
I’m so afraid of splinters
Never one for taking chances.

I was hoping for an outlet
So tired of the abuse
Hoping for a mindset
A diversion from the truth.

Looking for an explanation
Didn’t know just what to do
Anything to ward them off
From the scent that smells like you.

I’m a misfit, not a magician
Expecting a change of heart
If I can’t find the answers
You‘ll have to play the part.

Hope I can find my way out
From the nightmare, ​I am in
Knowing this was just a dream
That soon comes to an end.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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