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What does it take to get your point across?

A candid remark that bites and stings?
Is that really necessary?
Will that help anything?

Some people are fragile, some egos weak
Why not soften the blow,
When deciding to speak?

Is being honest, direct and always upfront
A good way to be
To always be blunt?

Why not take it easy? Soften the blow
Tread lightly, be kind
Just take it slow.

The sound of your voice ​will sound the alarm
It may cause more pain
It may cause more harm.

Be more supportive, kind and concerned
Consider the outcome
The lessons you’ve learned.

Comfort,​ console, be a good friend
The one she can count on
Right to the end.

Facing the truth comes sooner, than later
Say it with love
Don’t aggravate her.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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