When I was just a little girl
You held me in your arms
You said you would always be there for me
To keep me safe, to keep me warm.

But time and distance between us
Has often kept us apart
And I fear I must tell you now
What I know, may break your heart.

I’ve tried so hard to please you
To place your dreams above my own
But the time has finally come for me
To face my fear and stand alone.

My dreams are not the same as yours
My path so different than your own
I’ve made mistakes along the way
Learned a lot and I have grown.

Hopefully into the kind of woman
That you have taught me to be
To cast aside prejudice and blame
To be fair to myself and those around me.

It hasn’t been very easy
Facing what I’ve feared for so long to be true
Knowing it would hurt you most
Ever fearful of losing you.

I know I’ve disappointed you
I’ve fallen short of your hopes and dreams
But I have to be true to myself
As I have to have faith and believe….

That although I’m no longer your little girl
When I need to be held in your arms
To know that you will always be there for me
To keep me safe, to keep me warm.


Photography by Brittany Kinlaw

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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