via Daily Prompt: Cavity


Well below the margin
Of truth and sanity
Lies an empty space
A deep and dark cavity.

A place where fear resides
Where reason implodes
Where you feel alone
Your secrets exposed.

No cover or shelter
Stripped of your pride
Barren and cold
So shallow inside.

No walls to protect you
No mask to disguise
The weakness and fears
Youโ€™ve kept deep inside.

Crying out to be heard
Frightened and scared
No one to protect you
No one really cares.

Left on your own
With promises broken
Echoing words
Unmercifully spoken.

Overcome by heartache
Overwhelmed with sadness
Thereโ€™s got to be
An end to this madness.


Image from Google Images: shanticounseling.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

7 thoughts on “HEARTACHE”

  1. There is such a gripping flow to your poetry… I can never stop reading. It’s captivating, relatable and lets you know that you’re not alone… The last line just hits the mark!


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