Living with a pessimist
Isn’t very easy
The sky is always falling
Her world always in pieces.

No matter what the problem
It’s a battle she can’t win
For me an inconvenience
But her walls are caving in.

Everything that happens
Gets blown out of proportion
She over-reacts and comes apart
It’s all a bleak distortion.

Whatever’s about to happen
You can bet it will be bad
No way that it can turn out right
It’s sure to make her sad.

Overwhelmed with deep emotion
Doom and gloom not far from here
Her glass is always empty
And, the end is very near.

No way to try and talk her down
She lives out on the edge
Fearful of the outcome
Of falling off the ledge.

Time wasted in this state of mind
She’s paralyzed and numb.
If only she could see for once
A mere positive outcome.


Image by Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.


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