via Daily Prompt: Permit


I will no longer permit you
To take advantage of me
I am going to put my foot down
No longer will I be.

A doormat you can step on
A fool to ridicule
Tired of getting goofed on
By a sick obnoxious fool.

You’re nothing but a bully
A boorish sociopath
A loud mouthed piranha
Always looking for a laugh.

Anything to make you happy
You try your best to put me down
But you’re the ignoramus
A sick uncaring clown.

What happened in your childhood
To make you act this way?
Why are you so uncaring
And have nothing nice to say?

Everything’s a joke to you
A tease, a goof, a spin
Once you start the insults
The sarcasm never ends.

Enough’s enough it’s got to stop
The brutal hateful jargon
No more lame excuses
No reason to be pardoned.

I’m finally standing up to say
I’m no longer needing you
To validate my sense of worth
To tell me what to do.

Packing up, moving out
Getting far way from you
Finally done with cruelty
And your heartless attitude.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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