Bare and naked, I stand alone
Stripped of pride and dignity
On my own you left me here
You walked away from me.

Years pass by, time moves on
I stand here marred and maimed
Looking for some answers
Still feeling I’m to blame.

Selfishly you cast aside
The memories we made
Traded up for someone new
How much does she get paid?

It’s all about the money
The status, the lifestyle
How far can she advance you?
Enough to make you smile?

If someone better comes along
You’ll leave her high and dry
She’ll be left remembering
Your charming alibis.

How many left, how many scorned?
How many hearts are broken?
Wish I never heard those words
The last words that were spoken.

“I’ll always love you, that won’t change”
Forget your blatant lies
The echo of your empty words
Can only make me cry.

You’re not worth the heartache
The senseless gnawing pain
I hope I never see you
Or have to speak to you again.

Psychopaths and robbers
You’re all one in the same
You take love and trample it
For you, it’s all a game.

The innocent, the vulnerable
Ah, such easy prey
I was your next victim
Till you turned and walked away.

Years I waited, waited for you
What a senseless waste of time
It was so easy leaving me
Leaving me behind.

Such a fool, I trusted you
Gave you all you said u wanted
Now I’m left with nothing but
A memory that’s haunted.


Image from Google Images: pinterest.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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