via Daily Prompt: Simplify


What can we do to simplify
The complexities of living
Living in a world so hostile
So hateful and unforgiving?

Every day we read the news
We watch it on TV
The hatefulness of government
The lack of honesty.

Racist and homophobic
White men wearing suits
Plotting and planning our demise
No telling what they’ll do.

If you aren’t really one of them
White skinned and fair complexion
You might consider moving on
Heading in another direction.

Canada is looking good
Should be practicing my french
Scared to death they’ll pass a law
I could end up getting lynched.

Spewing hate, closing borders
Putting an end to immigration
Labeling and ostracizing
No end to his condemnation.

Let’s get back to a simpler time
Free of discrimination
When a president stood for honor
Not just financial compensation.

He’s lacking integrity and morality
Love of country should come first
Not chasing the almighty dollar
While filling up his purse.

Offshore banks, inside trading
Blind trusts and hidden accounts
How much has he scammed so far?
No one knows the true amount.

The ceiling raised, his taxes plummet
The stock market’s out of control
He takes credit for benefits
For the rich, with no regard for the old.

The poor, the sick, they’re on their own
To him it doesn’t matter
He has plenty of money in the bank
This fat cat keeps getting fatter!


Image from Google Images: dreamstime.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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