I’m needing a break
Just a few days away
Hoping you understand
What I’m trying to say.

Time passing us by
Your dreams complete
My hopes and desires
Have become obsolete.

Time running out
The need for adventure
Always put off
I learned to surrender.

Not getting younger
The clock’s running out
Aware of the time
Aware of the doubt.

Giving not taking
I stood by your side
Gave up what I wanted
Though I often cried.

Loving you, loving us
Making it last
Was all that I wanted
I held on steadfast.

The good times, the bad times
That we’ve been together
We made it thru
The pain and bad weather.

Now time to move on
Our children are grown
They’ve started to live
Lives of their own.

The love that I feel
Will always be there
But I need you to show me
That you truly care.

Meet me half way
Come with me, let’s travel
Let’s make the effort
Before this unravels.

Your job and your needs
Have always come first
I kept my promise
For better, for worse.

I’m reaching out now
Trying to say
Let’s spend time together
Let’s find a way.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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