My friend passed away
It was sudden and quick
She wasn’t prepared
Not even sick.

She was pretty and happy
Always kind, unafraid
Bubbly and upbeat
I feel so dismayed.

I’m shocked, taken back
It was so unexpected
She was loved by so many
Died alone and unprotected.

I was next door
I could have been there
I could have helped her
This just isn’t fair.

Her dog’s name is Cocoa
A fun-loving Maltese
She jumped all around
Always pulled on her leash.

Her children weren’t here
Her husband and friends
Not one of us sadly
Will see her again.

The old, nasty and cranky
Live to a hundred
But someone so sweet
Was taken from me.

Life is so brief
Don’t waste the day
Count all your blessings
Before time slips away.

Sending my love
Out to the clouds
Shouting it out
Saying it aloud.

I’ll miss you more
Than words can express
Your gentle smile
Your sweet tenderness.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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