Love came, though unexpected
Love came suddenly
There was candy and red roses
You meant the world to me.

Sweet love songs played softly
They played all night long
I heard them play till I fell asleep
They played my favorite song.

I drank champagne at midnight
Ate my share of caviar
We made love till morning
Underneath the moon and stars.

Cupid found me, with his arrow
He hit the target, right thru my heart
I found someone to love me
Then suddenly it all turned dark.

I stood alone there crying
I found it hard to carry on
To find a reason to wake up each day
Too many things had now gone wrong.

Cupid shot a brand new arrow
He found the girl for you
Mine was just for practice
There was nothing I could do.

The clock could not be turned back
There was no getting over you
You’re now lost to me forever
You belong to someone new.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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