via Daily Prompt: Courage


She couldn’t find the courage
She hid under a rock
She was terrified to confront him
To try and make him stop.

She ran away and hid there
Hoping he would go away
He kept looking for her relentlessly
He would look for her all day.

She could hear him in the bushes
He was looking everywhere
She was feeling really frightened
She was feeling really scared.

She managed to slip out from under
She ran as fast as she could go
She didn’t want him to touch her
She didn’t want anyone to know.

After years of being tortured
With scars upon her wrist
She knew the pain of punishment
He’d punch her with his fist.

He was evil and abusive
A poor excuse of a man
A sick demented pervert
No one would understand.

Why did she stay for so long
Putting up with the abuse?
Is a question only she knows
Knows the answer to.

She finally found the courage
She took off and never looked back
The last she heard he was killed
Someone stabbed him in the back.


Image from Google Images: spirityogaonline.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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