There is no greater loss
Than the loss of a child
I will never laugh again
I can no longer smile.

The pain I feel inside
Will never ever end
My heart will never heal
My heart will never mend.

A twisted human being
Took my boy from me
Why? I keep asking “why”?
How could this possibly be?

Such an act of blatant terror
He inflicted so much pain
Why would he want do this?
What did he have to gain?

How did he get a rifle?
Who is responsible?
The NRA and congressmen
They’re all accountable.

Ban the sale of ammunition
Background checks for everyone
Stop selling assault rifles
The kind that killed my son.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

2 thoughts on “NO GREATER LOSS”

  1. The world has become a war zone all because of greed.I wonder how many children parents will have to bury before they realize that,guns shouldn’t be allowed-they make killing far too easy and in most case people don’t even think before they pull the trigger.


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