via Daily Prompt: Encrusted


So deeply encrusted
In her cold and heartless soul
Was a driving force to conquer
To achieve her corporate goals.

She’d step over anyone
To get where she was going
She was ruthless and ambitious
And she knew what she was doing.

She was polished and good looking
Her appearance was impeccable
She commanded attention and they
Believed she was respectable.

But, don’t think for just a minute
That she would stand by you
For the chance of a promotion
She’d do whatever she could do.

Anything to make you look bad
Anything to make her shine
She would garner the attention
Then raise her glass and drink her wine.

An expensive bottle of champagne
Was always kept on ice
Anytime she had a victory
Or if she needed to be nice.

She could act so very charming
She could convince most anyone
While she was slipping the knife in
You’d think you were having fun.

She uses and abuses
Takes what she needs or wants
She’ll look on as you are bleeding
Then walk away so nonchalant.

In the end, she‘ll be the victor
She’ll leave you standing all alone
She will pass you by on her way up
You’ll be left all on your own.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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