You once told me
I was your one and only
But then you met someone new
Now that love that was mine alone
You now share between us two.

You tried hard
To try and keep me
Hoping I ‘d never learn the truth
About the two of you together
Thought you knew, just what to do.

I trusted you
I truly loved you
I believed the things you said
All the while you were two-timing
While taking her to bed.

Leave me alone
Don’t come near me
Don’t ever talk to me again
I am done with all your cheating
I’ll never trust you, or anyone again.

If she finds out
What you are up to
Hope she sends you on your way
Hope you get what you deserve
That someday you will pay.

Pay for
All the lying
Hope you’ll feel ashamed
It’s time you got caught up with
It’s time to stop this game.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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