Spiraling out of control
I’m suddenly in free fall
Tumbling in the air
Soon to hit a brick wall.

Barreling along
At mach 4, my hair on fire
Wondering what to do next
You’re nothing but a liar.

Nothing left, but emptiness
You’ve taken all my pride
You turned on me and walked away
I’m broken deep inside.

You’re off to find a new love
Someone new to all your charms
You’ll wrap yourself around her
You’ll hold her in your arms.

But once you’ve grown tired of her
It will be a sad, sad day
She’ll wonder what she did wrong
When you turn and walk away.

You’ve left a trail of heartache
A ton of sadness in your wake
I should have known when I met you
That I’d made a big mistake.

But you courted and romanced me
You so freely poured the wine
All the flattery and flirting
I believed you were all mine.

What a fool I have been
What’s a girl to do?
When all along you always knew
I was not the one for you.


Image from Google Images:   crossfitnewfound.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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