via Daily Prompt: Astral

We found ourselves alone and floating thru space
With asteroids and stars all over the place
Swirling  and twisting, spinning around
Afraid if hit, we’d fall to the ground.

The cosmic barrage was everywhere
We couldn’t escape it, we felt really scared
But then by magic, they all disappeared
Along with our worry,  along with our fear.

It was at that moment that a glorious hue
Engulfed all the stars and the planets, too
It was intense like nothing ever before
So beautiful a spectacle, we cried out for more.

Sparking and twinkling, mystical and miraculous
We envisioned a universe spectacular and fabulous
By the time that the colors had all but disappeared
We found ourselves back home, just sitting here.

Was it just a dream or astral projection?
Did we ever leave, was it our imagination?
What felt like a day, was maybe a minute
It suddenly stopped, it suddenly ended.


Image from Google Images: wallpapers13.com. Cosmic-black-hole-bac

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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