All of my tears spilled out on the floor
My heart has been bled dry
I’ve nothing left to do or say
I’ve run out of tears to cry.

When did we go from love to contempt
When did you change your mind?
What was it that I didn’t do or say?
When did I run out of time?

If I had known that we were through
That you had found someone else
Maybe I could have saved my pride
Maybe I could have saved myself.

Now I stand alone and lost
You took what you wanted and walked
Walked straight into the arms of someone new
I am devastated, still in shock.

Falling in and out of love
Comes so easily to you
You’re used to always getting your way
You get off on starting anew.

You bombard your new love with so much attention
She couldn’t possibly be thinking straight
I was overtaken with passion and lust
Overwhelmed on that very first date.

The love I was feeling was never real
It was designed by an adept psychopath
Who intended to own and pacify me
Then sit back and enjoy a good laugh.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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