via Daily Prompt: Imagination


Was it your imagination
Or did you just see a gnome?
While walking thru the forest
On your way back home?

Did you see the fairy?
Did you see the unicorn?
The forest is enchanted
Did you see her golden horn?

There are creatures everywhere
In the shrubs and in the trees
They are all so friendly
It’s so easy to believe.

The creatures are all magical
They can make your dreams come true
They can turn your hair from brown
Into a shade of blue.

Candy is their specialty
JuJubees or sticks of gum
Chocolate covered peanuts
Enough for everyone.

Meet the princess of the forest
She’ll invite you in for tea
She’ll serve periwinkle sandwiches
She’ll treat you graciously.

No need for you to be afraid
No need to be withdrawn
If you’ve no imagination
All the creatures will be gone.

Suspension of reality
Imagining and make pretend
Are the actions that are needed
To bring them back again.


Images from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.


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