I’ll be there
I told you I would
I’ll be there after work
My word is good.

I’ll be there at seven
I’ll take a cab
Please stop crying
Please don’t be mad.

You know  I’m coming
If I say it, it’s true
I wouldn’t say it
Wouldn’t do that to you.

What are you drinking?
What can I get you?
Let’s order something.
We really need to.

How about a macchiato?
It’s your favorite, right?
Let’s try to be civil
I don’t want to fight.

We can talk it over
Though nothing’s changed
It’s just not working
It’s not the same.

We’re on different paths
I want  more
You’re not even trying
It’s the same as before.

The sex is great, yes
But that isn’t all
I need a partner
Who won’t drop the ball.

I’m running ahead now
You’re two steps behind
The pace is too slow
And, I’ve changed my mind.

You don’t see it
I’m not casting blame
But our purpose and goals
Just aren’t the same.

Please let me go now
It’s the end of the line.
It’s time to move on
We’ve run out of time.


Image from Google Images:  nypost.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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