Battered and bruised
So stressed and anxious
Unsure of myself
Seething with anguish.

Frightened and unsure
Just can’t let go
Coming apart
So little ego.

Brought to my knees
Stripped of my pride
Doubting my worth
Broken inside.

Bullied and hazed
Being put down
Made to feel worthless
When you are around.

But, it’s time to change
I’ve had enough
Going to fight back
Going to stand up.

Pushing back
Hard as I can
Going to keep at it
Till you understand.

Not going to take it
The bashing, the stress
I’m telling you now
I want out of this mess.

Stay where you are
Far away from me
You need to stand down
That’s how it will be.

I’ve found my center
I’ve found my core
I have no use for you


Image from Google Images:  youtube.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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