via Daily Prompt: Branch


The long branch of the law
Extends beyond both me and you
Let’s hope it is inclusive
And that Muller knows what to do.

Takes his time, meticulously
Gathering all of the evidence
Hoping he can build a case
Against our gluttonous, bullying president.

Taking them down, one by one
Indictments and subpoenas
Let’s see who has the last laugh
The lying pack of hyenas?

Let’s hope not, fingers crossed
Hope he puts them all in prison
I can’t see any other way
It’s the way that I now see em.

Behind bars, in orange jumpsuits
Still clamoring to be heard
But in time we’ll turn away
And not listen to a word.

Who cares what a vicious bully says
When he is destroying our democracy?
What in the world has he been doing?
He exemplifies hypocrisy.

First we must, put down the vile
Dishonest “sell out” politicians
Replace them with some honest men
Men who are above outright suspicion.

Our government has come apart
We need a better coalition
Hopefully, we can rebuild
Rebuild a stronger, better nation.


Image from Google Images: w-t-w.org

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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