Waves wash up and over the rocks
Piled up by the docks so high
Men are fishing from dawn to dusk
They like spending time with the guys.

Buckets, bait, whiskers and beards
Line the docks from bow to stern
Baseball hats and fishing poles
Their faces getting burned.

The sun shines bright from up above
Their hats and glasses fight the rays
The seagulls and the pelicans
Show up for lunch each day.

Lines and knives, pliers and rods
No needs are overlooked
Lines thrown out far and wide
Soon a fish is on the hook.

Radio plays the oldies, but goodies
Sub sandwiches and chips to share
Coolers overflowing with soda and beer
They’re so glad to spend time there.

They pass the time out on the water
Waiting for the next pull on their line
They reminiscence about days gone by
While they sip their beer and wine.


Image from Google Images: heritagepuzzle.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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