via Daily Prompt: Incubate


It took time to incubate
For things to finally sink in
Years of thoughts percolating
Evolving from within.

The shell was cracked, flaws magnified
So clearly out of proportion
Years spent on remorse, in pain
Self-inflicted consternation.

Nursing insecurities
Feelings of self-doubt
Depending on that one person
You thought you could never live without.

Time wasted on unrequited love
Getting nothing done
Sitting alone, frozen in place
Feeling paralyzed and stunned.

What’s the point? What are you waiting for?
Waiting and hoping for someone
Who never really cared about you?
When it was over, it was done.

Waiting for the phone to ring
Years spent sitting, staring into space
Waiting for a miracle
When you’ve simply been replaced.

Nurturing thoughts, feeding the fire
Keeping memories alive
Hanging on, believing in
A feeling that has died.

What’s the point in hanging on?
Photographs and trinkets saved
Is it really your intention
To take them to your grave?

Wake up, come to your senses
Don’t waste another day
She isn’t really worth it
She left, she walked away.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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