via Daily Prompt: Patience


I’m asking for patience
I’m falling apart
It’s going to take time
To fix my broken heart.

It shattered in pieces
When you walked out the door
I’m down on my knees
Pieces down on the floor.

How did this happen?
What could I have done?
Could I have stopped this?
Have you met someone?

Why can’t you tell me?
What can I do?
This can’t be over
I’m in love with you.

There was no warning
I should have known
I should have seen it
I feel so alone.

I thought you were happy
All the romance
Candlelight dinners
Vacations in France.

All of the passion
The champagne, the wine
Intimate moments
All intertwined.

No reason to doubt
To fear or mistrust
The love that you gave me
The feelings, the lust.

It’s going to take time
Not sure what to do
To pull myself together
To get over you.


Image from Google Images: leighchristian.wordpress

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

3 thoughts on “FALLING APART”

  1. Hi 🙂

    I hope you don’t mind me reaching out in a comment — I couldn’t find a way to contact you privately (you can always delete this comment…)

    I noticed that your Gravatar doesn’t link to your blog. This makes it more difficult for others to find you. Please take a look at my blog post linked below, which explains the easy steps you can take to fix this 🙂


    Happy blogging!


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