via Daily Prompt: Blush


You’re making me blush
You’re embarrassing me
I want to crawl in a hole
Please let me be.

I’m feeling so fragile
So vulnerable
So foolish, so blind
So miserable.

Feeling exposed
Stripped of my pride
The moment you spoke
Should have known that you lied.

I feel so ashamed
To have ever believed
That you really cared
That you needed me.

I was one of so many
Who fell for your line
You played a role
You committed a crime.

A creep and a thief
A robber, a bandit
You stole my heart
And now I’m abandoned.

Call the police
Sound the alarm
Don’t let him escape
He twisted my arm.

I was coerced
You flirted and charmed
Now I am wounded,
I have been harmed.

You belong in a prison
For thieves in the night
Who break and steal hearts
For pure selfish delight.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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