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The prints were identical
That’s what they said
How could this be possible?
The suspect was dead.

No way this could happen
It seemed so bizarre
They had dusted throughout
The inside of the car.

The car that was used
Was a rental, not owned
By the suspect, his family
Or anyone they’d known.

The suspect had died
Ten years before
No way he had touched
The inside of the door.

The little girl’s body
Was found in the woods
The police did their best
They did what they could.

They searched the records
Read the reports
Upon further pursuit
It was determined in court.

That the suspect’s fingers
Had all been excised
Along with his organs
Upon his demise.

It was never determind
How he had actually succumbed
But two fingers were missing
His right and left-thumbs.

Cleverly placed
The crime had been done
The murderer made use of
The fingers and thumbs.

Up on the dashboard
In the trunk in the back
He placed all the digits
To establish the facts.

Somewhat confused
The police worked the case
The real culprit’s prints
Had all been erased.

Turns out the ME
Was a man named….Earl
He was somewhat peculiar
Fixated on girls.

He took the digits
For his future use
He was quite sly
He knew what to do.

An unthinkable crime
To hurt a little girl
Our suspect found innocent
Our murderer was Earl.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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