via Daily Prompt: Disrupt


The goal is to disrupt
The prior administration
To deregulate and destroy
What’s been working for this nation.

Take away all of our freedom
Abolish our democracy
Do away with Medicaid
And put a stop to all the subsidies.

Money is for the very rich
The very top two percent
No benefits for the middle class
Who cares about their rent?

Salaries and wages
Promises you can’t keep
You lie about our benefits
You’ve got yourself in deep.

Mueller’s got your number
He’s going to take you down
Before it is all over
You’ll be driven out of town.

Hopefully, you’ll stand trial
They’ll put you all away
You, your sons, and family
Will pay the price one day.

Cavorting with porn stars
With women half your age
Taking advantage of their innocence
All the while you’re getting paid.

You’ll look great in that jumpsuit
You belong behind bars
All the lying and the cheating
Will prove just who you are.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

8 thoughts on “BEHIND BARS”

  1. i usually dont go through the daily prompts but I was thinking hey people take time out to read mine… so why not see what other people are saying. I clicked on this one first and I love it!!! it really describes the state of the nation truly. thank you for this.

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