We just don’t get together
Not like we used to do
Now there’s a wall between us
There’s nothing I can do.

I remember how we laughed
Secrets between us two
We were so close together
Now, there’s no one to talk to.

Telling you what’s on my mind
Frustrations and fantasies
Feeling safe, no judgments
Feeling free to just be me.

Lust, love and friendship
Will forever be intertwined
Powerful emotions
Now get left behind.

Life goes on, it will pass us by
What we once had is gone
No way to change or repair
The damage that’s been done.

I miss the love that we had
The tears we often shed
Now, there’s no trust or bond there
Just pain and blame, instead.

Apologies were spoken
But, left a hole inside of me
Too deep, too dark … to ever
Let go and set me free.

A casualty of disappointment
I’m afraid you let me down
The pain and hurt I’m feeling
Is too deep and too profound.

I cry each time I see you
I want to reach out and call your name
But, things have changed between us
They will never be the same.


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Video: Youtube

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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