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When I hear our favorite song
I break down and start to cry
That’s when I do my best
To remember all the lies.

Memories are haunting me
Why remember the good times?
You cheated and you broke my heart
Gotta get you off my mind.

You’re not worth my thoughts, my time
You’re a scathing psychopath
I need to remember how I felt
When you looked at me and laughed.

Taken down and ridiculed
The nights you made me cry
Waiting for you to come back home
Your countless alibis.

Why lead me on, why take me down?
I was so in love with you
All the empty promises
There was nothing I could do.

Change the station, turn it off
Don’t want to hear that song
I hear it on the radio
It’s playing all night long.

I hear it in the car
While shopping in the stores
I can’t escape the lyrics
Just can’t take it anymore.


Image from Google Images: shiroka-chan.deviantart.com


YouTube:  Rature… Anita Baker

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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