Charlie lived to be 100
But though once married, lived all alone
His wife had died early
His children all were grown.

One daughter lived in Jersey
The other Arizona
Both had too many ailments
Hardly ever phoned him.

He lived in a small apartment
Had relocated to Florida
He’d once been a sheriff
Something he was very proud of.

No one came to visit Charlie
All his friends had passed away
He sat alone in his small apartment
He was alone throughout the day.

He had stopped driving when he was 98
Had his own car, still parked in the garage
He was still somewhat mobile
But, sure missed his old grey Dodge.

I often tried to help him
Shopped for groceries here and there
Ran a few errands for him
Took him to doctors, for his care.

I’d heard all of his stories
More than once a time or two
I always listened patiently
Like it was one I never knew.

There were several trips to the ER
Time spent in the local rehab
I’d sit and listen to him
I gave him what I had.

I was just his next door neighbor
But, we became good friends
We’d watch TV together
He had a cute smile, a devilish grin.

One day he didn’t make it
He had finally passed on
They told me at the hospital
He had died…my friend was gone.


Photo by Patty Richardson.


YouTube:  OLD MAN  … Neil Young


Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

19 thoughts on “MY FRIEND, CHARLIE”

  1. If you’re a believer in heaven, Patty, I think you’ve probably earned yourself upgraded accommodations there! I’m grateful to you for being such a good friend to Charlie. I wish everyone who had the opportunity to do the same would avail himself of it.

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  2. Such a touching story; I am so glad that a lonely man like Charlie had a friend like you. You model how we all should be to one another. Thanks so much for sharing this–it’s edifying.

    Liked by 1 person

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