As I walked along the beach
With the moon shining bright
I knew I had found something
As I turned on my flashlight.

I almost tripped and stumbled
On a small, black weathered box
It had washed up on the shore
At first, I thought it was a rock.

It was tightly sealed in plastic
What could possibly be inside?
Maybe drug-related
It had washed up with the tide.

I went to pick it up
Wondered just what it could be
It didn’t seem too heavy
Didn’t weigh too much for me.

I picked it up and carried it
I lived a mile away
I figured I could manage
I lived right by the bay.

Once I got inside
I sat it on the table
I looked it over in the light
It didn’t have a label.

I got a knife from the kitchen drawer
I cut right thru the top
I hesitated a bit at first
Thought maybe I should stop.

Once I pulled the top off
I could see what was inside
It was filled with hundred dollar bills
They were stacked and neatly tied.

Now faced with a dilemma
Do I keep the money or give it up?
I wrestled with my decision
Before I decided to call the cops.

I reluctantly called 911
The police quickly arrived
I gave them all the money
Though it made me want to cry.

I explained how I had found the box
While walking on the beach
They took the box away from me
It wasn’t mine to keep.


Photo by Angela Galardi at Space Coast Sunrise.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

4 thoughts on “A WALK ALONG THE BEACH”

  1. Thank you, Isha! You know how to make my day! 🙂 Actually…I had a hard time coming up with the contents of the box. I had a few gruesome ideas, but decided I better go with something less offensive!!!! Things do occasionally wash up on the beach here. You just never know. 😘


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