We met at a local coffee shop
It was about a month ago
You know when you get that feeling
And you think this one’s….”a go”?

You think your life’s about to change
You’re sure this will be fun
But three weeks later, you’re over him
You’ve had it, you are done.

What started out as perfect
Now feels so mediocre
You see he lacks ambition
And you know, that it’s all over.

He’s busy making lots of plans
Wants you to meet his mother
But, you are now onto him
You’re starting to feel smothered.

He doesn’t read or meditate
Would rather play video games
He isn’t into politics
But, is the first one to complain.

He has no sense of adventure
Unless engaged on his computer
Isn’t into dining out
Unless it means a fast-food burger.

He has no class or appealing charm
Often frowns and frequently smirks
Drives a beat-up, old, used car
Wears jeans and old t-shirts.

In the middle of his living room
There’s an old man’s plaid recliner
He often sits there watching TV
While ordering “take out” from the diner.

His apartment is a filthy mess
He throws his clothes down on the floor
His bed is never, ever made
Is this…what I signed up for?

I told him it was my fault
That I was feeling so confused
Didn’t know….just what I wanted
And, didn’t want him to feel used.

I didn’t mention his messy apartment
Or his lack of sophistication
I left out all of his childish ways
And, his need for maturation.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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